Modelling Tips, Techniques, and Presentations



Submarine Pens in Lorient, FranceDownload presentation (PDF)
by Mike Belcher
November 2017
Landscaping - Rock Base Download presentation (PDF)
by IPMS Ottawa
March 2017
Basic Weathering Download presentation (PDF)
by IPMS Ottawa
September 2016
Scratchbuilding Download presentation (PDF)
by Belcher Bits
July 2016
Hobby Glues Download presentation (PDF)
by IPMS Ottawa
April 2016
Natural Metal Finishes Download presentation (PDF)
by IPMS Ottawa
October 2015
Air Compressors Download presentation (PDF)
by IPMS Ottawa
June 2015



AK Interactive Weathering Website

AK Interactive has a very comprehensive online weathering site, that is available to anyone who has Internet access.  It is produced by AK Interactive and basically brings together all of their modeling tips and techniques into one, easy-to-use location.

You will find illustrated, step-by-step instructions on just about every weathering technique known, as well as videos in many cases.  While this website focuses on their own AK products, the techniques can be used with any similar product out there (like MIG, Model Master, Vallejo, etc.).  Most of what you see are tech sheets pulled directly from their expensive FAQ books and DVD's, offered here for free.

For example, click on a 'Tech Sheet' such as '< AK046 LIGHT RUST WASH >   and you are shown a page on how to use that product.  A video link runs a professionally-produced video of the product being used on a model.

It really is quite a handy tool.


Modelling Websites Bookmarks

The Internet has a very powerful influence on scale plastic modelling. It has brought modellers around the world together, allowed us to share vast amounts of information and knowledge, and offered us wonderful places to shop online.

In a previous club meeting, we visited numerous different Web sites related to scale plastic modelling, and built up a bookmarks file with those links.

The bookmarks file is available HERE for download on this page.
The ZIP file contains a compressed HTML file. After you extract the Bookmarks.html file, you can then import it into various Web browsers.