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Bookmarks file compiled by IPMS Ottawa - sites related to the various aspects of scale plastic modelling.
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Canadian Clubs


IPMS Canada
Head office of the IPMS network in Canada.

Links for other Canadian IPMS chapters may be found on the IPMS Canada website.


Foreign Clubs


Head office of the IPMS network in the United States.


Aircraft Sites


A well known aircraft modelling website.

Aircraft Resource Center
Another impressive aircraft modelling website.

Vintage Wings of Canada — Battle of Britain Weekend 2007
Collection of excellent photos from local photographer Peter Handley.

Royal Canadian Air Force

LEMB — Luftwaffe Experten Message Board
A message board for all things Luftwaffe.
Fantastic aviation photo site featuring a great search engine – and not just airliners!

A great site for aircraft profiles.

WW2 in Colour
Great reference photos of WW2 – all in colour.

Wings Palette
Avia Camoflage Patterns Archive.


AFV Sites


Missing Links
An excellent website with active forums on AFV and figure modelling.


Naval Sites

Model Shipwrights
An excellent website on all naval modelling subjects, with lots of feature articles and SBS (step-by-step) articles. Very active forums. Associated with the Armourama family of websites.
Model War Ships
A very good website on all naval subjects, with very active forums on ship modelling.
Steel Navy
A fairly good website with active forums on ship modelling.
Fleet Air Arm (FAA) Archive
This site provides archive material for the Fleet Air Arm from 1939-1945.
Aircraft Carrier Builders
An online community for modelers with a special interest in naval aviation and aircraft carriers.

Automotive Sites

All About Model Cars
Good general information about model cars and scale modelling in general; includes a variety of other good links.

Figure Sites

Forums & Online Magazines
Military Uniform Reference Sites
Military Miniature Manufacturers
Historical Organizations/Clubs

Member-related links

Affenhaus Design
Fine painting and design services.
John Grafe, proprietor

IPMS Ottawa member Danny Crossman released his first full-length documentary about 3 brothers in RAF bomber command... one of whom was his father.
It was filmed at the RCAF museum, Diefenbuker among other places.